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Jadeed Group of Companies is one of the biggest success story in the Poultry Sector of Pakistan. In fact, it is a success story of a common man from a small village of Nanak Pur, District Khanewal known as Jan Mohammad Javaid. The man who had dreams and who pursued his dreams and dared to convert his dreams into reality in the form of Jadeed Group of Companies.

Mr. Jan Mohammad Javaid – the Chairman, started his business journey with his elder brother Dr. Mohammad Sadiq (Late) as a partner in M/s Sadiq Brothers in 1980 and remained part & parcel of the same till 2005.

In 2005, Mr. Jan Mohammad Javaid laid down the foundation of his own business with the name of Jadeed Farms (Pvt.) Limited with few sheds and a small hatchery located at Khanewal. To accomplish his dreams, he decided to backward integrate his business, and established a Feed Mill at Khanewal in 2010 under the name of Jadeed Feeds Industries (Pvt.) Limited with an initial capacity of 60 Metric Tons per hour. Further in 2012, he became sole and exclusive importer and distributor in Pakistan of world’s most renowned Grand Parent breed of Ross 308 through an agreement with Aviagen USA. For this purpose, he established a new company in the name of Jadeed GP Farms (Pvt.) Limited. In addition, he also established new parent stock hatchery in Kot Momin and boiler hatcheries in Rawat, Sheikhupura & Karachi in Jadeed Farms (Pvt.) Limited.

The Journey didn’t stop here, Jadeed group got further strength when both sons M. Sohaib Javaid Rathore and M. Safwan Javaid Rathore of Mr. Jan Mohammad Javaid joined hands with their father. This boost further motivated him to establish second feed mill unit at Shahkot which is one of the largest feed mill in Pakistan with an installed capacity of 120 Metric Tons per hour in 2016. He expanded Sheikhupura hatchery and made it the biggest hatchery in all over Asia. In 2019, he further expanded its feed mill at Khanewal and enhanced its installed capacity to 120 Metric Tons per hour. He also established new controlled sheds in Khanewal & Sarghoda region to meet the increasing demand of poultry in Pakistan.

To ensure uninterrupted supply of quality meal to manufacture best quality feed, in 2019 he also installed a new Solvent Plant of 500 Tons per day extraction capacity along with an Oil refinery of 100 Tons per day capacity at Khanewal with the name of Jadeed Oil Extraction (Pvt.) Limited. In order to consolidate his business and take advantage of synergies from economies of scale, in 2019 he merged Jadeed Farms (Pvt.) Limited and Jadeed GP Farms (Pvt.) Limited into Jadeed Feeds Industries (Pvt.) Limited through a scheme of arrangement approved by Honorable Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi Bench.

At present, Jadeed Group of Companies comprises of Jadeed Feeds Industries (Pvt.) LTD and Jadeed Oil Extraction (Pvt.) LTD. Both companies are incorporated as a limited liability company under Company’s ordinance, 1984. Jadeed Feeds Industries (Pvt.) Limited is the single largest fully integrated poultry company of Pakistan with three business segments (a) Grand Parent Farms & Hatchery - Ross 308 Breed, (b) Parent Stock Farms & Hatcheries and (c) Feeds Mills.


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